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Complete Skateboards

Find a good complete skateboard that is assembled in advance. Choose from reputable brands so you know the quality is top notch.

Complete Skateboards

Complete skateboards come in different sizes, shapes and quality. The important thing is the size of the deck, if you are a beginner, for example, and want to start with a skateboard that is assembled. As a very young person aged 8-10 years, a skateboard with a deck size of 7.25 ″, 7.5 ″ and 7.75 ″ would be a good starting point. Age 10-15 years, sizes 8 ″ and 8.25 ″ will be appropriate. And from 16 years and up, it makes good sense with a deck from 8.5 ″ to 8.75 ″. Of course, it depends on your shoe size and what style you choose to ride on your skateboard. For more information, one can go to our Boardblog and read our article on skateboards for beginners.