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Skateboards For Beginners

A good beginner skateboard is important if you want a good and safe first experience. But it can be hard to understand how to choose the right skateboard as a beginner. Here is an article that gives you an easy overview of all the parts, and shows you how to choose the perfect skateboard for beginners.

How to Assemble your Skateboard Quick and Easy

his is a guide on how you assemble your skateboard quick and easy What do you need You will need a knife and a t-tool (10mm for truck bolts, 13mm for wheelbars, 15mm for kingpin, star screwdriver and an Allen wrench)

How To Clean A Skateboard

So you have your prized beauty, you are able to complete and show off many unbelievable tricks on it as well, but have you ever considered that your skateboard might need some tender loving care as well?


Choosing a Skateboard

First of all, it is important that you know what skateboard is right for your needs. For example, if you want to do flip tricks, ollie stairs or grind rails, then you need a traditional skateboard. If you prefer to cruise while doing cutbacks, it’s either a longboard or waveboard you need.

Skateboard deck

A high quality skateboard deck is made withCanadian Maple as it is the strongest wood species. A skateboard deck is typically about 27.5 ” – 32.75 ” (70-83 cm) in length, and approx. 6.75 ” – 8.6 ” (17-22 cm) in width.

The size and width of the deck is often assessed by size in shoes – smaller shoe sizes (below size 38) typically fit with a skateboard deck of approx. 7 “. Medium size (size 38-43) typically fits with a 7-7.5 ″ skateboard deck. If you have feet larger than size 43, you will often need a 7.75 ”or higher skateboard deck.

Skateboard wheels, trucks and bearings

If you want to skate street, you will often need smaller wheels as they weigh less and keep your skateboard deck closer to the ground, providing stability.

Your trucks should preferably be as wide as your skateboard deck. In addition, your trucks must also be light and incredibly robust, which is often a compromise. You will also need 8 pieces. The ABEC scale is used as an indicator of the quality of the bearings, the higher the value, the more accurate and fast the bearings are constructed. ABEC 7-9 is used e.g. often by ramp skateboarders, whereas street skaters often settle for regular ABEC 5-7.

You must also remember Griptate! It’s basically a piece of sandpaper pasted on the top of the skateboard deck so your feet won’t slip off the skateboard.