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HVS Boardshop – Thorsminde

HVS Boardshop – your local surf shop

HVS Boardshop Thorsminde is located in the small town of Thorsminde. Thorsminde is located right in front of the best surf spots in Denmark. Right across the street by the south pier, you can find the infamous main break of Thorsminde, which is a long and powerful wave, and a bit north you will find classic spots, such as Mole Q and Fjaltring. 

In our shop, you will find a long variety of wetsuits, surfboards, skateboards, clothes, and a lot of rental equipment. If you have any special needs, we will gladly help you, and if you want us to order something special we will gladly order it to the shop so you can pick it up at a good price. 

Surf school: 399,- (inc. wetsuit and board)

We offer beginner surf courses, where we offer a complete understanding of water safety, equipment, and the basic understanding of riding waves. Furthermore, we give you all the tips and tricks for paddling, making the infamous “pop up”, and surfing the waves (instead of surfing the white water). 


We have rental gear for basically all surfers. You can rent a surfboard, a wetsuit, or/and a SUP board. And we offer this at a very competitive price. 

Surfboard: 249,- (1 day)
Wetsuit: 149 ,- (1 day)
SUP board: 249,- (1 day)

When renting equipment we do not take responsibility for you as a person or the equipment provided by HVS Boardsport. If you have any questions regarding safety, equipment, weather or anything else, feel free to contact us. 


HVS Boardshop Thorsminde

Skolegade 1 

6990 Thorsminde


Phone: +45 51480089

Mail: [email protected]

We’re looking forward to seeing you at HVS Boardshop in Thorsminde.